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PhD Defense of COELHO DE SOUZA Aline

Published on October 6, 2015
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PhD Defense October 7, 2015 | Access map
Thesis defense of COELHO DE SOUZA Aline  for a DOCTORAL  thesis at the University of Grenoble,  OPTICS and RADIO FREQUENCIES speciality, entitled:
Amphitheater  C - RDC Grenoble INP - Génie Industriel
46 avenue Félix Viallet
38031 Grenoble cedex 1

"Antenna design and characterization method of near-field and far-field UHF RFID systems "



Wednesday, October 7,  2015 at 14h

The Radiofrequency Identification technology (RFID) has had a huge growth these last years, due to its versatility and the uncountable possibilities to integrate this technology in many different application (tracking and inventory of goods, access control, supply chain, etc.), and in particular the brand new context of internet of things projects. For some years, the near field UHF RFID applications has been developed in order to overcome the problems related to degradations of tag’s read range when needing to use it in a  perturbing environment.
The research work presented in this thesis come as a study of the UHF RFID in near field and far field zones. This study focus more particularly on the design of reader and tag antennas and on the characterization method in near field and far field zones. A study on the characteristics of fields outgoing from an antenna has been made, in order to underline the important criteria for the design of performant UHF RFID reader antennas in near field zone. From the state of art about tag antennas design and classical methodologies, we propose a new approach that aims improving the design of tag antennas in a more suitable point of view that is getting the expected power level in a given application. Finally, with an objective to characterize UHF RFID tags, we first propose a new approach enabling the identification of tag families, and then propose a new innovating power transfer efficiency measurement procedure, that has been validated experimentally.

Keywords :
UHF RFID, antenna design, UHF RFID tag antenna design, UHF RFID system characterization, near-field, far-field, antenna measurement, RFID chip characterization

Members of the jury :
• Tan Phu VUONG : Supervisor
• Yvan DUROC  : Co-supervisor
• Alexandre LUCE :
• Lasri TUAMI: Rapporteur
• Philippe PANNIER : Rapporteur
• Anthony GHIOTTO : Reviewer
• Ke WU : Reviewer
• Thi Ngoc Yen PHAM : Reviewer
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Thesis prepared in the laboratory: UMR 5130- IMEP-LaHC  supervised by VUONG Tan Phu, Supervisor and   Yvan DUROC (EEATS) Co-supervisor

Date of update October 6, 2015

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