CROMA_rubrique-recherche 2022

Applications to microelectronics, life and the environment

Our research evolves in a context of higher and higher frequencies and data rates, ultra-low-power devices and increasing functional densification.

They face the problem of the reconfigurability of RF electronic functions.

1- High frequency measurement methods:

Techniques de caractérisation très large bande (du DC à 110 GHz) en 2 et 4 ports
Wideband characterization techniques (DC to 110 GHz) of materials

Calibration and de-embedding techniques for integrated device characterization
Techniques in-situ de caractérisation de couches minces ou de matériaux massifs
In-situ techniques for characterization of very thin films (nm) to bulk (mm) materials

2- Characterization of materials for integrated devices, sensors, printed electronics devices and MEMS

Characterization of dielectric materials ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials of semiconductor and conductor materials
Characterization of printed electronics materials (links, papers)

3- Development, design and characterization of new integrated passive devices and MEMS

3D RF MIM capacitors, new high density 3D capacitors (TSC, Nanowires capacitors)
High speed Interconnections for sub-45 nm CMOS nodes
3D Packaging
AF-SIW lntegrated devices for spatial applications