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Centre for Radiofrequencies, Optic and Micro-nanoelectronics in the Alps

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Caractérisations photoniques

After their realization at our  fabrication component platform, the integrated optics chips must be carefully characterized.
Being intended for the domain of telecommunications and sensors, the performances of these optical chips must be measured as accurately as possible.
The IMEP has 9 dark rooms equipped with up-to-date equipments to realize these measurements:
  • Multi axis positioning stages
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Polarization analyzer
  •  Infrared camera
  • etc...
Contact : Gregory GROSA
HYPER Microwave Characterizations
HYPER platform gathers all radiofrequency test and measurement facilities available on the Grenoble site of the lab. This platform is shared over 130 m2 of dedicated area, located on the ground floor of the Advanced Components Building (BCAi) of the MINATEC site.The field of application ranges from the characterization of components, materials and circuits operating up to more than 100 GHz, to the study of digital radio communication systems on optical fiber. The various technical solutions proposed include on wafer or on chip measurements and the characterization of antennas in a fully anechoid chamber.
Contact : Nicolas CORRAO
Technological Platform
Standard means of microelectronics technology or nanotechnology are available in the clean room of Grenoble INP – Minatec (450m²) ; the laboratory CROMA has 65m² in this clean room dedicated to the fabrication of components and offers many activities  like thin films deposition, photolithography, dry and wet etching.

Since many years the laboratory has developped a technology based on ions exchange processes in ovens assisted by electrical fields to fabricate optical devices integrated on glass.

Contact : Aude BOUCHARD
CEP : Physical and Electrical characterization

Thanks to a large group of competitive scientific equipments, CROMA has a great knowledge in measurements allowing the study of electronic devices and of associated materials and technologies as well.

Contact : Xavier MESCOT

Date of update April 8, 2024

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