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Centre for Radiofrequencies, Optic and Micro-nanoelectronics in the Alps

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PhD Defenses 2021

  • 17
    Published on 17/11/2021
    " Non-linear optics and plasmas: Electric field characterization and THz generation "
  • 06
    Published on 01/12/2021
    Air-filled substrate integrated waveguide components: Design techniques and integration technologies
  • 06
    Published on 30/09/2021
    Opportunities and challenges of 3D integration for new photonic module architectures on Tbps/cm2 silicon
  • 01
    Published on 21/09/2021
    Dielectric reliability of CMOS devices for automotive applications –Characterization and modeling of the frequency effect on dielectric breakdown -
  • 15
    Published on 24/06/2021
    Generation of terahertz radiation by photo-generated plasma in gases and at the surface of metals
  • 12
    Published on 23/06/2021
    Characterizations and evolutions of RF energy harvesting structures on Si and SOI substrates: application to manage microwatt energy systems
  • 25
    Published on 31/03/2021
    Study of an asynchronous analogue to digital converter in superconducting quantum technology
  • 04
    Published on 12/02/2021
    "Impact of noise and electromagnetic coupling in sequential 3D technologies: Study, modeling and impact on circuit performance".
  • 10
    Published on 28/01/2021
    " Development of a device for the treatment and electrical analysis of bacterial suspensions. Application to the study of the impact of weak alternating electric fields and the bioelectric effect on bacterial growth. "
  • 04
    Published on 21/01/2021
    « Design, characterization and realization of a 10GBASE-T Ethernet contact integrating 4 differential pairs »
  • 22
    Published on 21/01/2021
    " Evaluation of electromagnetic immunity of highly shielded cables in hostil environment "

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