3D Intelligent Antenna Design for 5G FWA Applications

DAM Thi-Hong-Lê

Monday, October 18, 2021 at 2:30pm

"Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) provides broadband service to homes, businesses and factories, which is particularly attractive where no infrastructure is in place to deliver wired broadband via copper, fiber or hybrid. Due to the expansion of mobile data traffic, current cellular networks cannot provide the requested data rate, latency, and desired quality of service for future applications. Next generation FWA systems, based on 5G technology, such as millimeter wave (mmW) beamforming, will dramatically improve the performance of wireless broadband services and deliver robust, reliable and cost-effective FWA solutions at massive scale for the first time.
However, a problem in this frequency band is air loss. To solve this problem, we propose two methods, presented in this seminar, which are the manufacture of antennas with high directivity and the use of radomes printed with FSS patterns by 3D printing technology to control the radiation of the antenna."

PhD :DAM Thi-Hong-Lê

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