PhD Defense of Fabien GEOFFRAY

" Study and fabrication of high confinement glass ion-exchanged waveguides for nonlinear applications "
Thursday, Febroary 5, 2015 at  10:00

Glass integrated optics is a key enabling technology which applications range from optical telecommunications to sensors. The steady improvement of devices performances is sustained by an increasing functions density and thus smaller waveguides supporting higher power densities. In this work we investigate the ultimate performances in terms of confinement and propagation length of the silver/sodium ion-exchanged waveguides fabricated on glass technology. In particular, a trade-off between these two features has been highlighted in the case of nonlinear effects. We then demonstrate that the performances of silver/sodium ion-exchanged waveguides are mainly limited by optical losses introduced by metallic silver aggregates even for buried low-losses waveguides. Hence the waveguides exhibit a damage threshold for high power densities. To overcome this limitation a major technology change has been initiate and we present the first results obtained by thallium/sodium ion exchange.

Membres du jury :
Jean-Emmanuel BROQUIN - Supervisor
Lionel BASTARD - Co-supervisor
Daniel MILANESE - Rapporteur
Philippe SIGNORET - Rapporteur
Benoit BOULANGER - Examiner


Thesis prepared in the laboratory  IMEP-LaHC supervised by M. BROQUIN Jean-Emmanuel  supervisor  and M. Lionel BASTARD co-supervisor.
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Defense of a doctoral thesis of Fabien GEOFFRAY for the University of Grenoble, speciality Optical and  Radiofrequency entitled:
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Amphitheater M001-Grenoble INP - Phelma
3 Parvis Louis Néel - CS 50257
38016 Grenoble Cedex 01