« Slow-wave coupled lines integrated over silicon in mm-wave - Applications to couplers, filters and baluns »
Monday,  December 7, 2015 at 10:30

Abstract :
This work focuses on high-performances CS-CPW (Coupled Slow-wave CoPlanar Waveguide) transmission lines in classical CMOS integrated technologies for the millimiter-wave frequency band. First, the theory as well as the electrical models of the CS-CPW are presented. Thanks to the models and electromagnetic simulations, directional couplers with different coupling levels (3 dB, 10 dB, 18 dB) were designed in BiCMOS 55 nm technology. They have a good directivity, always better than 15 dB. A first prototype of a coupler was measured at 150 GHz presenting good agreement with the simulations. Next, coupled-line base filters were developed at 80 GHz using the CS-CPWs. Simulation present competitive results with the state-of-art: 11% of fractional bandwidth and a unload quality factor of 24.6. Finally, three projects started based on the CS-CPWs. The projects are currently used in two theses and one internship: a RTPS at 47 GHz, an isolator at 75 GHz and a balun at 80 GHz.

Key words:
Coupled lines, slow-wave, couplers, filters, CMOS circuits in mm-wave, BiCMOS 55nmm technology.

Members of  jury :
Philippe FERRARI - Supervisor
Florence PODEVIN - Co- supervisor
Odile PICON - Rapporteur
Jean-Baptiste BEGUERET - Rapporteur
Anne-Laure FRANC - Reviewer
Didier VINCENT -
Sylvain BOURDEL - Reviewer
Jean-Michel FOURNIER -


Thesis prepared in the laboratory : UMR 5130 - IMEP-LAHC :Institut de Microélectronique, Electromagnétisme, Photonique –Laboratoire Hyperfréquences et Caractérisation , supervised by  Philippe FERRARI .
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Thesis defense of José LUGO ALVAREZ for a DOCTORAL  thesis at the University of Grenoble,  OPTICS and RADIO FREQUENCIES speciality, entitled:
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Room A013 - Phelma -  Phelma Minatec
3 Parvis Louis Néel - CS 50257
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