PhD defense of M. KUPPAM Mohan Babu

RF Signal processing using Ultrafast Optoelectronic Devices and related THz spectroscopy experiments.
Friday 13th December 2013  at 14:00

Abstract :
This PhD work was devoted to the study of ultrafast optoelectronic components for processing RF signals up to the THz range, and of related THz devices. First, we used a photoconductive switch, made of low-temperature grown GaAs, excited by the optical beating of two CW laser beams and biased by a RF signal. The switch serves as a frequency mixer, whose properties (bandwidth, efficiency, sideband generation…) were modeled and the simulation results were experimentally validated. When the RF signal is modulated by information, this information can be directly extracted by setting the beating frequency equal to the RF one. The demodulated signal exhibits a high spectral purity, 11 Hz bandwidth at -3 dB. Other materials for THz generation and fast photo-switching were also studied, like InAs quantum dots. Finally, we performed a THz time-domain spectroscopy study of metallic sub-wavelength devices for THz beam processing, like hole arrays and metallic mesh filters, as well as nanometric thin films of graphene and carbon nanotubes.

- Guy Vitrant, Research Director at CNRS, IMEP-LAHC, University of Grenoble, President
- Chusseau Lawrence, Director of Research at CNRS, IES, University of Montpellier 2, rapporteur
- Didier DECOSTER, Professor, HEMP, University of Lille 1, rapporteur
- Jean-François LAMPIN, Researcher at CNRS, HEMP, University of Lille 1, examiner
Jean-François ROUX, Lecturer HDR, IMEP-LAHC, University of Savoie, co-supervisor
- Jean-Louis COUTAZ, Professor, IMEP-LAHC, University of Savoie, supervisor


Thesis prepared in the IMEP-LAHC laboratory supervised by M. Jean-Louis COUTAZ and Jean-François ROUX.

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Defense of a doctoral thesis of  M KUPPAM Mohan Babu for the University of Grenoble, specialty Optical and  Radiofrequencies entitled:
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University of   Savoie
Batiment Chablais- Room Seminairy-1st floor
  73370 Le Bourget du Lac