Sustainable Electronics & International Cooperation on Semiconductors

This first ICOS workshop will gather an overview of the strategies of different leading countries in the field of semiconductors, of European and International roadmaps, and conduct an initial analysis of the gaps between EU activities and the most promising technologies highlighted in Roadmaps for possible future international collaborations.
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                       From Wednesday 26 to Fiday 28 April 2023

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The workshop is free of charge but registration is mandatory by April 20th: Registration

ICOS aims to support the growth of the European Semiconductor and Semiconductor-based photonics industry through focused international research cooperation. The objectives of ICOS are to propose International cooperation on emerging technologies, based on the most promising topics highlighted in Internationals Roadmaps for various applications, especially in the field of advanced computing, advanced functionalities, and sustainable electronics.
More about ICOS, its launch and the involved partners in the press release.


SINANO Institute groups together events to organize a Free Joint International Event over 3 days on April 26-28 in Grenoble, France

First Event: EIC Programme & EU CHips Act
  • Session dedicated to European Innovation Council programs (Horizon Europe Pillar 3) with presentations from EIC
  • Session covering the Chips Act with presentations from DG Connect
    A Panel "Strategy for International Cooperation - Chips Act ", also with the views of industrials and roadmaps leaders.

Second event: International Sustainable/Responsible Electronics
Session on Sustainable Electronics
Panel session "Challenges and Solutions for Sustainable Electronics"

Third event - ICOS "Technology scanning and foresight"
         Future Technologies for Advanced Computing & Advanced Functionalities, with the leaders of the roadmaps in the field More Moore, More than Moore, Beyond CMOS, CEQIP, Photonics

Location infos
Bâtiment GreEn-ER
21 rue des Martyrs
38000 Grenoble - France