CROMA-rubrique-presentation 2022

Optomicrowaves devices

Several equipments are available for microwave-photonics devices characterizations like E/O and O/E converters used by researchers. For example, a calibrated optical test set with an integrated laser source at 1300nm and a high-speed photodetector can be used up to 20GHz. A 65GHz gold calibrated O/E converter is also at researchers' disposal for very high speed applications.

Other equipments for digital signals generation and analysis allow data transmission evaluation of performances in microwave-photonics architecture systems.

Two kinds of generators are proposed. A pseudo-random bit generator is used for high bit rate PRBS signal up to 3Gbits/s. A vector signal generator can be used when complex modulations are needed.

Two kinds of receivers are available for signal treatment and analysis parts of digital links. A complete system consists of a frequency translator receiver and an analogue to digital converter, all included on VXI format and associated with software. It provides full characterization of the link. Furthermore, a high bandwidth digital scope (up to 6GHz) can be used for real time domain analysis of transmitted signals.

Convertisseur analogique numérique radiocomOscilloscope 6 Ghz