CROMA_rubrique-recherche 2022

Integrated optics

Constituting an historical thematic in the laboratory, integrated optics on glass allow to build any elementary device (CW or pulsed lasers, dividers, filters, Mach-Zehnder interferometers, ...) required for the realization of complex systems.
Based on ion exchange between the ions of the glass matrix and the ions of a fused salt bath  (silver Ag or thallium Tl) leading to a local increase of the refractive index, surface optical waveguides are obtained. Burried optical waveguides can also be achieved by application of an electric field. Via molecular adhesion, active materials can be bonded to the glass substrate, thus offering new functionalities like optical isolators, optical modulators, ... All the original developments that are pursued for more than 30 years and the quality of the obtained results bring to the laboratory a leadership position in this field.
Other works, mainly on simulation and characterization, are also led in the field of silicon integrated optics for which the very high refractive index contrast permits to get highly integrated structures. These works essentially concern the development of models for resonant structures exhibiting high quality factors like microdisks. Such microdisks can be made single-mode by etching surface corrugations. These works are done in the framework of academic collaborations.