Sub-license with LINKSIUM

Agritech : Signing of an operating license with Brad Technology for soil health
CROMA has developed a technology that perfectly complements BRAD's sensor technology. An exclusive sub-license (DAMP technology) with Linksium enables the company to exploit the patent protecting this unique technology

BRAD will significantly increase the capabilities of its initial sensor, transforming it into a genuine decision-making tool for farmers, enabling them to monitor and measure the composition of their soils. Test campaigns with the support of INRAE Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Poitiers will be carried out to finalize the calibration of these algorithms. The sensor will then be industrialized and marketed from 2025 onwards.

By improving their concentration in organic matter through the fine-tuning of data, soils will once again become, among other things, veritable CO2 sensors. Agriculture, which emits 19% of greenhouse gases, must reform itself to become regenerative and preserve soil quality and biodiversity. Farmers will have to manage all the parameters involved in ensuring the good health of their land, and therefore of human beings. BRAD is part of this dynamic of agro-ecological transition, helping them to validate their changes in practices, and is proud to have been a Laureate of France 2030 in this field, having received the “Best Audience Choice Award” in the Agritech category at the G20 summit in Bangalore in 2023, against startups from 28 invited countries.