Micro Nano Electronic Devices (CMNE) -version 2021

Research activity in the MNE group focuses on electronic devices for future applications.
Headed by : Quentin RAFHAY


The aim is to prepare future generations of transistors and memory devices and to explore in parallel alternative routes based on new materials or new device concepts that could replace present CMOS or complement it by adding new functions on-chip.

The team is very active at European level. It is organized along 4 axes which are strongly consistent with European research priorities in nanoelectronics.

Research directions

- Ultimate CMOS and alternative technologies
which explores the frontiers of Silicon integrated microelectronics

- Integrated nanostructures and nanosystems
which evaluates the potential of nanostructures for increased integrated circuits functionality.

- Simulation & Modelling
transverse activity which works in close interaction with the two actions above.

- Superconducting electronics
which explores the potential of RSFQ (Rapid Single Flux Quantum) devices and circuits, at the interface with the RFM and PHOTO activities.