Frédéric PARMENT

PhD Defense of Frédéric PARMENT

«High performance multilayer Substrate Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technics for low-cost millimeter-wave circuits»
Friday, November 4,  2016 at 10:30

The substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology, introduced in the early 2000s, has presently trigged a huge interest from academia to industry with the focus on the design and development of low-loss, compact, integrated, self-packaged and low-cost microwave and millimeter-wave circuits, antennas and systems. However, the classical metallic waveguide technology, which offers better performances such as lower insertion loss and higher power handling, has still been used in the design of microwave and millimeter-wave systems, despite its higher cost and bulky structure.
To offer a highly integrated, further loss-reduced, low-cost alternative to the conventional waveguide and also to allow a wide-spread use of the millimeter-wave spectrum, this thesis research introduces a new SIW structure called Air-Filled SIW (AFSIW). This new structure has been theoretically and experimentally studied in details with a substantial amount of results. At millimeter wave frequencies, compared to the SIW topologies, the proposed AFSIW scheme exhibits a substantially lower insertion loss (three times at Ka-band, for example) and a much higher average power handling capability (four times, at Ka-band for example). Numerous AFSIW passive components have been investigated designed and demonstrated, which take advantages of the well-established multilayer printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication process. Couplers, phase shifters, power dividers, antennas and filters have been modeled, designed, prototyped and measured based on the introduced technology. Their performances have theoretically and experimentally been compared with their SIW counterparts to demonstrate and validate the benefits of the proposed technology.
Members of the  jury :
-Mr Eric RIUS : President
- Mr Hervé AUBERT : Reviewer and member
-Mr Jean-Louis CAZAUX : Reviewer and member
- Mr Maurizio BOZZI : Examiner and member

- Mr Tan Phu VUONG : Supervisor and member
-Mr Ke WU : Co- supervisor
-Mr Anthony GHIOTTO : Co-supervisor and member
- Mr Jean-Marc DUCHAMP : Co-supervisor and member

-Mr Ludovic CARPENTIER :Guest menber
-Mr Pierre MONTEIL:
Guest member
-Mr Laurent PETIT :


Thesis prepared in the  laboratory: UMR 5130 - IMEP-LAHC  (Institut de Microélectronique,Electromagnétisme, Photonique – Laboratoire Hyperfréquences et Caractérisation) managed by Pr Tan Phu VUONG, co-supervised with Jean-Marc Duchamp, in collaboration with Poly-Grames Research Center in Montreal under the supervision of Pr Ke WU, and with the participation of the IMS Laboratory in Bordeaux under the supervision of Anthony Ghiotto
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Defense of a doctoral thesis of PARMENT Frédéric, for the University Grenoble Alpes , speciality "OPTIC and  RADIOFREQUENCIES ", entitled:

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 Room  Z-404 (4th floor) Building Z/Phelma/Minatec
3 rue parvis Louis Néel
38016 Grenoble cedex1