ARAB Nisrine

PhD Defense of Nisrine ARAB

«Integrated optics on glass for radio frequency generation »
Friday, November 9th, 2018 at 10:00

Abstract :
Future communication systems will use millimeter-wave (mm) (30 GHz - 300 GHz) frequency carriers and beyond to overcome the saturation of different frequency bands and achieve high data rates. Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) systems have gained attention thanks to their low cost and low fiber attenuation. In this thesis, different configurations and several laser designs have been proposed for radio frequency generation by photonic based technique.
The Improvement of the laser fabrication process developed in the laboratory resulted in single-mode sources emitting around the erbium peak (1534 nm) up to 41 mW optical output power with 9.8% efficiency. Their optical linewidth was measured equal to 2 kHz and their relative intensity noise (RIN) equal to -145 dB/Hz after 50 MHz. Using these lasers, electrical signals at millimeter frequencies having linewidths of few kHz have been generated Three heterodyning configurations have been proposed to improve the thermal stability of the generated signals in order to meet the IEEE standards. Co-integrated lasers have been further fabricated to generate carriers between 5GHz and 165GHz. A comparative study showed that the behavior of the carriers thus generated was independent of the produced frequency.
Finally, the designs of structures integrating coupler, tapers and several lasers on glass pumped by a single source were studied. By using the carriers generated by these latest implementations, data transmissions have been accomplished meeting the required standards.
Jury members :
  • Julien POETTE : Supervisor
  • Jean-Emmanuel BROQUIN: Examiner
  • Stéphane BLIN : Examinateur
  •  Béatrice CABON : Examiner
  • Sonia BLANCO GARCIA : Reviewer
  • Pascal BESNARD : Reviewer


Thesis prepared in the laboratory : UMR 5130 - IMEP-LAHC supervised by  Julien POETTE, supervisor and Lionel BASTARD, Cosupervisor.
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Defense of the doctoral thesis of Nisrine ARAB, for the University Grenoble Alpes , speciality  "OPTICS & RADIOFREQUENCIES ", entitled:
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Amphi M001 - Phelma/Minatec
3 rue parvis Louis Néel
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