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Centre for Radiofrequencies, Optic and Micro-nanoelectronics in the Alps

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Contact : Magali ASTIC
Researchers based at the CROMA Savoyard site have a set of equipment for radiofrequency and microwave characterization.
Solutions for 4-port network analysis up to 65 GHz and 2-port analysis up to 110 GHz and spectral analysis up to 30 GHz are available.
A sampling oscilloscope makes it possible to perform subnanosecond temporal analyzes. These devices can be used in combination with a manual probing station for the characterization of wafers up to 8 "(200 mm) or with an Elite 300 semi-automatic station (Cascade Microtech) for ambient temperature measurements. or up to 300°C for wafers up to 300 mm.

Available equipements :
  • Measuring devices
Analyseur de réseau
- 1 network analyser Anritsu 37397 C (40 MHz-65 GHz).
- 1 network analyser 4 ports PNA-X Agilent N5247A (10 MHz-67 GHz) plus extension composed by Agilent 4 ports N5262A controler and 2 millimetric heads OML N5250CX10-L20 (Left Combiner head with adj Atten and Bias Tee) & N5250CX10-R20(Right combiner head with Bias Tee, no adj Atten) allowing wide band 2 ports measurements until 110 GHz


Analyseur de spectre
- 1 Precision Source / Measure Unit Agilent B2902A (100  fA).
- 1 impedance meter 4294 A (40 Hz-110 MHz).
- 1 spectrum analyser Anritsu MS2667C (9 kHz - 30 GHz).

  • Probe systems
PM8 Suss Microtech
- 1 manual station PM8 Suss Microtec for probing wafers up to 200 mm

Elite 300 Cascade Microtech
- 1 semi automatic probing station Elite 300 Cascade Microtech for wafers up to 300 mm diameter, possibility to perform measurements at room temperature or up to 300°C


Date of update January 15, 2024

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