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Centre for Radiofrequencies, Optic and Micro-nanoelectronics in the Alps

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Measures of Gain / losses

This measurement bench allows the characterization of the gain or loss of an optical chip with advanced tools:
  •  High stability optical breadboard of with stereomicroscope
  •  6 axis positioning stage with piezoelectric drives
  • Calibrated InGaAs optical power meter
  • Optical spectrum analyzer with high resolution
  • High power pump Laser and calibrated sources.

Mode profile

 This optical bench allows to measuring the intensity of the guided mode of the integrated chips realized at our laboratory. The equipments available for this bench are:

  • High stability optical breadboard of with stereomicroscope
  • 5 axis positioning stages with high precision
  • InGaAs CCD camera allowing the visualization of optical fields at a working wavelength up to  1.7 microns.


This measurement bench allows to characterizing by the black lines method, the effective index of a waveguide. Combined with the inverse WKB method, these measures allow to determining the index profile of the waveguides realized by ions exchange. This bench contains:
  • Optical breadboard with high stability
  • Optical goniometer with high resolution
  • Optical lenses and HeNe LASER.
M-lines ​​​​​

Spectrum analysis

This  measurement bench allows to measuring the transmission spectra of integrated waveguides with advanced tools:
  • Optical breadboard with high stability and stereomicroscope
  • 3 axis positioning stages high precision
  • High resolution spectrum analyzer
  • Wide band tungsten source

Bragg  grating

This bench allows to realizing and to characterizing Bragg gratings with a submicron step by means of advanced equipments:
  •  Active vibration isolated optical breadboard and laminar flow
  •  High power argon ion laser + Titanium sapphire laser
  • Free space optical systems and lenses
  • High resolution programmable rotation stage.

Date of update May 17, 2019

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