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Microwave Instruments

 Many test and measurement instruments both in time and frequency domains are available on the   HYPER  platform. These include :
  • Vector network analyzers (handheld, 20GHz, 40GHz, 65GHz and 110GHz broadband coaxial)
  • Spectrum analyzers (20, 40GHz and up to 90GHz using an external harmonic mixer solution)
  • Power-meter up to 110GHz
  • Noise figure analyzer up to 26GHz with calibrated noise source
  • Analog signal generators or synthesizers up to 110GHz
  • High speed digital oscilloscopes 6GHz (real time) and 20GHz (equivalent time)
  • Wideband coaxial programmable impedance tuner 18GHz
Panel d'instruments Hyperfréquences disponibles
A wide range of microwave instruments available
Some specific equipements are also available to fit the type of components, devices or electronic circuits under test (on board or integrated).
  •  Universal coaxial test fixture (20GHz, 40GHz and 65GHz) for on board devices
  •  Probe station for on wafer or on chip RF devices
Test hyperfréquence  sous pointes          Configuration de test sous pointes
         On wafer RF measurements                                                         RF test setup 

Based on these equipements, users can implement standard or custom measurement solutions and thus access some various parameters or features:
  • S parameter from 30 KHz up to 110GHz
  • Non-linear compression and intermodulation behaviors
  • Spectral analysis and phase noise measurement up to 90GHz
  • Noise figure up to 26GHz, noise parameters up to 18GHz
  • Sub-nanosecond time domain reflectometry (TDR, TDT, differential)
  • High speed signals up to 6GHz in real time and 20GHz in equivalent time
  • Characterization of high-frequency materials (DK and losses)
  • ​​​​​​​
  Caractérisations hyperfréquence de matériaux
RF characterization of material

Date of update November 21, 2019

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