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RF Communication system over optical fiber

This domain of the    HYPER platform focuses on architecture as well as on the development of new digital communication links using electro-optical modulation solutions over optically generated millimeter wave carriers.
Mise en oeuvre d'une liaison numérique RF sur Fibre Optiqu
Radio over fiber digital communication system
Several technical solutions are proposed to generate complex analog or digital waveform, on IF, RF or millimeter wave carrier :
  • Vector signal generators, bandwidth up to 1GHz on I and Q channels
  • Arbitrary signal generator up to 12Gsample/s, 10 bits, 32Mpts, on 2 channels 
  • Pattern generator, bit rate up to 3.3Gbit/s
  • Up and down conversion using external mixer and millimeter wave LO
Several hardware and software solutions are also proposed for analog to digital conversion, demodulation processing and signal analysis :
  • Vector signal analyzers (VSA) based on different hardwares (BW up to 80MHz)
  • Oscilloscopes 6GHz in one shot and 20 GHz in repetitive mode for higher BW
  • Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) and Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) softwares
                                          Generation to analysis flow in a wideband communication system
Many optoelectronic components are also available and can be implemented to build RF on fiber links used in high speed communication :
  • Laser diodes
  • Optical Modulator up to 40Gbit/s
  • Optical MUX / DEMUX
  • EDFA
  • High speed photodiodes 70GHz and 100GHz
  • 65GHz calibrated photodetector used as reference standard for frequency characterization of E/O and O/E converters
Schéma simplifié d'une miaison mixte optique-électrique
Simplified schematic of a high speed optical link

Date of update November 21, 2019

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