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Microelectronics, electromagnetism, photonics , microwave

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Current (I-V) and capacitance (C-V) measurements

A lot of scientific instruments are available whatever the temperature:
  • Semi-conductors parameters analyzers (HP4155/56 - K4200) whose one of them contains a pulse generator.
  • Impedance analyzers (Agilent 4284A  / 4294A / 4192A and Keithley's system 82).
  • CV quasi-static measurements system (Keithley 595).
  •  Charge pumping measurements test bench.
  • Dark boxes.
  • CCD Camera for the photon emission analysis.
  •  Manual probe stations.
  • Semi-automatic probe station (measurements of very low current).
  • Small stations for the 4-point measurements.
  • Heating and small probe station (up to 800K; 4-inch chuck).
  • 8- inch cryogenic probe station (Suss Microtec) for DC measurements (Four needles) and radio-frequency ones (Two G-S-G tips - 50 GHz).
  •  Cryostats for measurements on DIL packaged devices (Temperature range: from 10K up to 400K).
Parameters analyzers (HP4155/56 - K4200)      HP4155/56 -K4200


 Cryogenic probe station    8- inch cryogenic probe station Suss Microtec

Date of update May 17, 2019

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